It's time to ditch Viber & Whatsapp


Security is our top priority. Secrets for you, basic information in our datacenters. It's our promise.

Generous upload limit

We have a photo size limit of whopping 50mb and of voice recordings - 70mb! It's pretty darn good deal if you ask us.

A pretty interface

We want our users to have a great experience with Tapir. That's why we carefully crafted our awesome UI. (Because bad UIs are hard to look at)

Do not Disturb mode

You certainly don't want to be woken up at night by some silly texts, do you?

Panick button

We hope not, but only if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Keeping you away from the bad guys

With our AI and anti-spam.

And of course, 24/7 Support

Because we value our customers.

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Illustrations by Freepik