Much more than a Remote Desktop Controller.

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No hassle, install under 2 minutes!

Easy Setup


Secure, encrypted connection.

No unauthorized access. Control who you want to remote your desktop.


Pixel perfect

...with UCP, TCP & MQTT modes. Automatically configured.

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Low latency

View with little lag!

Replace TeamViewer with Hubsight.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Hubsight & Hubsight View?

The normal version of Hubsight's intented use is to replace your mouse with your phone. It's recommended when you can see your device's screen. While Hubsight View is intended to be used when you are away from your device and want to control it remotely and want to see its screen.

What kind of handlers do Hubsight & View support?

Hubsight currently only supports a UDP connector. In oder words, you can only use it on local network. Hubsight View support UDP, TCP & MQTT connectors, which means that your devices can be connected to different network and can still build a connection.

I can't connect

First, ensure yourself that the application is open and you have entered the correct IP adress. Here's how: 1) Type "Hubsight" in the windows search bar. 2) Click on "Open" 3) In the taskbar, click on the "Show hidden icons" arrow and right click on Hubsight's logo and select "Show IP". 4) Open the Hubsight app on your mobile device and ensure the IP is typed correctly. If the setps above did not work, make sure that the following port is open in the firewall (UDP): 54323 In the rare case of the port being open and you're still not able to connect contact us via Live Chat or via email: support@gamemud.net with your logs.txt file.

Is it really free?

Yes! It's completely free of charge for either personal or commercial use :)

Windows Defender detects Hubsight as malware

This is commonly known as a "false-positive". Hubsight, nor Hubsight View do not contain any sorts of malware. The reason why Windows Defender thinks it's a virus is because of our installer is not yet certified. We're working on that.

I have correctly typed the IP and I'm still not able to control my desired device.

Please go to the input field in the mobile Hubsight app and press enter on your keyboard.